The Magic of Indigo

August 24 was another wonderful day at the FibreWorks Gallery in Madeira Park.  Yvonne Stowell hosted an indigo vat dye workshop which was facilitated by Ros Aylmer.  Ros set up three individual vats – the Maiwa natural indigo vat, the Bangladesh hydrous vat and the ferrous or iron vat, all of which gave slightly different and wonderful results.  She taught us the secrets of starting, using and reviving indigo vats, as an indigo vat can be kept going for months.


She showed us how to create patterns on our cloth with resist dyeing using an assortment of everyday tools including elastic bands, hair clips, clamps, hoses and everything else one could think of.  Our results were nothing short of miraculous considering it was a first for many of the participants.



The objects being dyed varied and included gloves, scarves, shawls, wool roving, spun yarn, items of clothing as well as many different fabrics.  I think the highlight was a scarf that Ros had been gifted by a friend.  It had been eco dyed with plant matter and then Ros over-dyed it after placing a few resists.  A beautiful piece of art.


Participants were from up and down the Sunshine Coast as well as the Vancouver area.  By the end of the day we felt like old buddies who had been through a great adventure together.  We were all very excited with what we had accomplished.



Dorothy T

Eco-dyed scarf photo by Dorothy T, other photos by Yvonne Stowell of FibreWorks Gallery


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