Harvest Festival 2014

On August 31st the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild once again participated in the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden’s Harvest Festival.  The early morning rain clouds were replaced by sun and a number of visitors stopped to look at our displays on natural dyeing and the Sunshine Coast Fibreshed, watch our spinners in action and participate in our plant weaving.

There was a lot of interest in our Fibreshed display and visitors enjoyed looking through the binder with photocopies of past blog postings about our activities.


An exciting part of our display was our Fibreshed’s first Sheep to Shawl project with wool from a local sheep Olivia washed, spun, knitted and crocheted by members of the Guild.  (More on this project in an upcoming blog).


Visitors enjoyed watching our spinners.  For most it was the first time they’d seen anything like Doreen’s battery-run spinning wheel.



The natural dyers did a beautiful display with bouquets of flowers from Roberta’s dye garden and fibre and fabric dyed with plant materials.  Visitors admired the diverse and lovely colours and some shared their own experiences of dyeing Easter eggs or fibre with plant material.


Our weaving with plant material was a great success.  Penny laid a warp between two trees and we had a number of enthusiastic weavers.



We brought in a ladder as the weaving grew.



The final creation.


It was a wonderful day of sharing our Guild’s interests and knowledge.

 Heather Apple


One thought on “Harvest Festival 2014

  1. Doreen MacL

    It was a lovely day, thanks to All who helped. It was a
    fun day to be at the garden, great music, garden tours, kids stuff and Rotary smokies, yum!


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