The One Straw Society’s Fall Faire

On October 5th the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild had a display at the One Straw Society’s Fall Faire.  The Faire was a celebration of community and a coming together of individuals and groups who share an interest in ecologically sound local sustainability. The One Straw Society focuses on the goal of food sovereignty and community resilience within a thriving natural environment. Also present was the Sunshine Coast in Transition which is part of a global network that focuses on building ecologically sustainable local resilience while nurturing and celebrating community.


The Roberts Creek Hall was filled with tables of fresh organic produce, homemade preserves, holistic remedies and delicious baked goodies.  Visitors enjoyed a variety of demonstrations and activities.




The Guild’s display focused on the Sunshine Coast Fibreshed’s activities involving local dyes and local fibres.


We had a colourful display of fibre and fabric dyed with plants that grow on the Sunshine Coast, showing the diverse range of beautiful colours available from our local plants and mushrooms.



We also featured fibres produced by animals raised on the Sunshine Coast.  We were especially proud to display our first sheep to shawl project.  The wool from a local sheep Olivia was donated to the Fibreshed and was washed, carded, spun, knitted and crocheted by Guild members.  One of the shawls was dyed with Japanese indigo by Yvonne Stowell, owner of FibreWorks Studio and Gallery.


Roberta demonstrated carding her beautiful Japanese indigo dyed wool.


The Faire was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our vibrant Coast community, spread the word about the Fibreshed and network with individuals and groups concerned with ecologically sound local sustainability.

Heather Apple


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