Harvest Festival

It was a beautiful sunny September day for the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden’s Harvest Festival.  Visitors enjoyed the abundant fruits, flowers and veggies.



The Beekeepers represented a vital part of the garden cycle.


There was music by Brothers in Farms for listening, dancing and clapping to.


A number of community groups participated in sharing their interests.



Our Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild had a display and demonstrations.


A highlight was the living weaving between trees, warped by Ursula and Andrew. Children and adults could weave in flowers, grasses and heady lavender sprigs.


Thank you Ursula for your love of flowers.


The Guild display featured dyeing with Japanese Indigo and marigolds and the Guild Blanket Project for the 2017 ANWG Conference.


Guild members explained how fleeces arrived from our local farms, were washed, picked, carded and then spun to be woven into a picnic blanket.  Our theme will be Fibreshed – local fibre, local dyes, local artisans.



Young folk were enthusiastic to card fleece and then spin it into yarn with Andrew guiding the process.


It was a wonderful day of sharing our Guild’s fibre passion with the community.

Lynda Daniells


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