Sheep Parade at Fibreshed Day – April 8, 2018

Rodney and Mojo arrive at the FibreWorks yurts in Madeira Park for the third annual Sunshine Coast Fibreshed Day …


Once on solid terra, they take a moment to get grounded.


Johanna, their shearer and Wendy, their shepherdess sheep whisper calming sounds.


The parade begins with Wendy leading Mojo and Reg (wannabe shepherd) leading Rodney.

The “boys” are eager to arrive for haircuts and pedis.


Rodney, a Romney breed, is ready to lighten his load – last year his fleece weighed 18 #’s. He happily enters his familiar pen.


Johanna keeping an eye on the sheep before her job begins.


Wendy reassures them all is well as folks start to gather around the pen to watch the show. It’s cold and amazingly it stays dry.

Mojo, the BFL (blue faced Leicester), makes eye contact for the camera.


Photos and story by Lynda Daniells


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