Daphne Woo—Amacata Design Concepts

With my creations, I bring to you: Images that evoke the soul. Colors, textures, and materials derived from nature. Handmade bijouterie lovingly created with focus on sustainability to foster introspection. Designed and crafted in Canada.

I use materials such as wood, shell, semi-precious stones, seeds, nuts, glass, metal, horn, bone, silk, cotton, and wool. In addition to finding an aesthetically pleasing match of materials, I often keep in mind the healing properties of stones. With my product, I assure you quality and compassion! A special note about my textile creations: Not only are they lovingly made from natural fibers, but the dyes used to provide the colorful radiance are also 100% natural. I strive for an organic essence in my product, incorporating the use of natural materials

Email:  daphne@amacata.com
Website: amacata.com