Angie Gursche – Darling Creations & Quilts

As a Design Artist, working with dyes, resists and encaustic wax, I create 2D and 3D art and collage, “Artistic Creations by Hand and with Heart,” in textiles, paper, and graphic design. As well, I am exploring creating my own stamps, hand-dyed and/or painted cloth with resist, encaustic wax wall art, and still quilting.


Our journey is never what we expect and yet can be full of delight and surprises aka happy accidents. As a knitter, and having moved to Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast in September of 2015, I joined the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild because I wanted to meet fellow artisans in the community and although I use Procion MX dyes, I work with only natural plant fibres and would like expand my knowledge base to working with animal fibres and natural dyes in order to incorporate them into my future art work and knitted projects.

I joined Fibreshed because I have worked in “Organic Certification” for 8 years, believe keeping it natural is best, would like spread awareness to the general public and support local farmers through education, and help develop local markets wherever possible.

My mom, a seamstress, introduced me to art at age 4. Special memories include folding Christmas stars from straw and paper, weaving, trips to Moodyville Art and Pottery Studio in North Vancouver; creating batik one summer in our backyard, with relatives and Uncle Bob of Seattle, WA, while a wax fire was being put out in the kitchen.

Working 34+ years as a bookkeeper and administrator wearing many hats, I picked up a variety of skills, have learned to work collaboratively or independently, enjoy mentoring others and practice being fair, firm, consistent, pro-active not reactive. Being extremely detail oriented and thinking outside the box shows up in both my spreadsheets and art.

In 1986 I took up quilting and quickly realized this was not something our family tree pursued. I was an exception – one of two quilters in our family. The other, my great aunt, Helena Braun, a retired principal from the Sumas School District and a founding member of the Fraser Valley Quilt Guild.

I have a natural eye for colour, enjoy nature, photography, writing, and love fabrics of any kind; fabric speaks to me – in vivid tones.

My sewing experience includes: clothing, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree skirts, baby and other quilts, quilted wall-hangings, pillow covers, placemats, napkins, table runners, indoor/outdoor cushions and curtains for home décor, RVs and boats, repairing belly boats and making rain gear from a K-way pattern for construction workers on an industrial sewing machine.

In my continual thirst to learn I graduated from BCIT with an “Associate Certificate in Graphic Design” June 2014, adding to my knowledge base and art work. I occasionally freelance when the right opportunity arises.

With courses I journeyed through batik, drawing, dyeing and painting, thus progressing from quilting to 3D fabric collage wall hangings featuring hand-dyed and commercial textiles, dimensional objects, paint, and oil sticks. With help, I had a breakthrough at EncaustiCamp July 2015 in seeing and learning how fabric collage translates to encaustic wax.

“It’s NEVER too late! – Everything happens for a reason, in its own time.”