International Earth Day 2017

April 21, 2017, international Earth Day was celebrated in Roberts Creek, BC by our local Sunshine Coast Fibreshed. The day started out dry with sunshine, always windy at the pier. We set up our colourful Fibreshed display with locally dyed rovings, plants for a Dyers garden and local sheep fleece for garden mulch….

We featured felting as a creative use of fleece. Ursula Bentz, master felter displayed her gorgeous felted pieces and then assisted folk to make something felted.

Young folk were engaged with Ursula, the fleece, the soap, creating.

This young fellow was very pleased with his felted flower and both children took home felting kits sold for $5.00.

Another young Creeker put finishing touches on this felted mouse.

Many children engaged in felting and let their creative spirit fly.

Everyone got in the spirit of the day….kids of all ages.

Fibreshed was displaying the dyeing  colours we can obtain by growing plants locally such as Pokeberry, Japanese Indigo, Marigolds, Onion Skins, also by gathering local mushrooms on the Coast. Merrily selling Dyers garden starters.

It was a great day in the Creek until wind and rain started to ruin our display. We packed up early and have everything drying by the home fire now.

Photos by Lynda Daniells & Merrily Corder,
Submitted by Lynda

Second Annual Fibreshed Day – Part 2

The Waulking Ceremony
Waulking is a traditional Scottish method used to full and soften fabric. The Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers have been gathering local fibre and working on a Community Blanket Project for the past year.

We started with La Braun of Happy Chick Farm, Gibsons, BC, here with  Shepherdess, Heidi.
FS YR2_W1Sheperdess Heidi with Le Braun

The woven blanket was carried by local Shepherdess, Wendy and many of the proud Artisans who worked on the blanket.
FS YR2_W2 Carrying Blanket to Waulking

The procession was led by piper, John Webb playing the Skye Boat Song.
FS YR2_W3 Piper John Webb

The blanket was dampened with water, a little soap and laid flat on the table.
FS YR2_W4 Dampening the Blanket

The waulking begins…with rhythmic beating and passing the blanket clockwise until, it is fulled and softened. The traditional waulkers sing Gaelic songs to create the beat. We sang the Skye Boat Song and the fiddlers played on!
FS YR2_W5 Waulking Begins

Local Shepherd, Lee from Happy Chick Farm completes the circle from Farm to Finished Product,  the Blanket Project….
FS YR2_W6 Sheperd Lee completes circle

Fibreshed Team thanks our hosts for the day, everyone who attended and participated, SCWSG members, contributors to refreshments and especially our local Shepherds & Shepherdesses.

Photos by George Smith, Ann Harmer, Lynda Daniells, Merrily Corder and Janna Maria Vallee.

Submitted by Lynda & Merrily.

Second Annual Fibreshed Day – Part 1

From Shepherdess to Knitted Dress

The Second Annual Sunshine Coast Fibreshed Day was held April 9, 2017 at Fibreworks Studio and Gallery, Madeira Park, BC. The focus was on our local Shepherds & Shepherdesses to show off fibre from their sheep and the steps of shearing through to finished product.

FS YR2_1 Wendy Gilbertson_Mojo
Wendy Gilbertson on her Wilson Creek farm with “Mojo”, a Blue Faced Leister breed.

FS YR2_2 Johanna Walker shearing Mojo
Wendy brought Mojo, and Rodney, a Romney breed to the event for shearing. Johanna Walker is shearing Mojo while Rodney, pictured here, waits his turn. Folks were very keen to watch.

FS YR2_3 Mojo's Fleece
Mojo’s fleece laid out by Johanna, ready for skirting. The not so nice bits can be used in the garden for mulch.

FS YR2_4 George Smith with Wendy
George Smith is talking with Wendy after Rodney and Mojo have had their haircuts.

FS YR2_5 Sheep Dog Paige on guard.
Paige the sheep herding dog guards Rodney and Mojo along with Reg.

FS YR2_6 Joan Reeves and Roberta Symons
Anna joined us for the day and took this Suffolk fleece to process for Joan Reeves and Roberta Symons, both spinners and knitters. In back is Lynne Sturm showing many other uses for fleece.

FS YR2_7 Picking Fleece Circle
If one doesn’t send raw fleece to a mill for processing then one begins washing, drying and picking by hand as portrayed in this picking circle. Picking removes bits of vegetable matter and opens up the locks to prepare for the next step. It’s a nice time to chat with friends or meet new ones.

FS YR2_7 Dorothy carding
Next step is to card the fleece using hand carders or a drum carder. Dorothy Thom is using an electric carder to make a batt for spinning or felting.

FS YR2_8 Pokeburry Pink Dying Kits
Dying with local mushrooms and plants can add brilliant colour such as the new hot colour of the season, Pokeberry Pink. Fibreshed was selling Dyers garden starter kits.

FS YR2_9 Rovings dyed locally and naturally
All these rovings come from local fibre which have been dyed by local artisans using local mushrooms and plants.

Dianne Lim is felting a sushi roll while Jean Pataky is felting a bird’s nest. What an animated conversation they seem to be having.

FS YR2_12 Muriel's Bears
Two teddy bears wearing their special KNITTED DRESSES; finished product by local artisan Muriel Prior using local fibre and natural dyes.

FS YR2_13 Doreen weaving
Doreen MacLauchlan is weaving a scarf with her homespun, hand processed yarn. Helene Nissle is talking about characteristics of various sheep breeds.

FS YR2_14 Yarn Display
Deanna Pilling displayed her hand spun, home processed Llama.  On the right is her Icelandic yarn and shawl made with ‘Katy’.

FS YR2_15 Table Display
Local Shepherdess Ann Fransblow of Roberts Creek, BC showing sheep characteristics and uses at the display table.

FS YR2_16 RefreshmentsFS YR2_17 Donated Quail Eggs

Local refreshments included homemade pickles, toasted kale chips, baked salmon, pesto cream cheese spread, local artisan breads, fresh local radishes and more…

Pat and Diane Walker of Christmas Road Farm donated quail eggs.

Fibreshed at SCSAWG’s February Spin-in

There was lots of activity at Yvonnes’s Fibreworks Studio in the Yurts today. It was the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild’s monthly potluck and spin-in.

Here, experienced blanket weavers Marjorie Ann and Barby are working hard on the Blanket Project as penny keeps a watchful eye.img_3592

Deanna is preparing to spin her luxurious Shetland Fibreshed fleece while Mechthild crochets and Pat enjoys her third visit to the Yurts. img_3593

Marie Claire is taking a break from her designer weaving project to enjoy some peaceful moments with her spinning wheel. img_3594

Dianne and Shirley are happily working on their fibre projects. img_3598

Muriel, our Fibreshed Teddy Bear Fibre Artist, mushroom dyer, master spinner, weaver and knitter, takes time away from the Teddy Bear Picnic Blanket Project to work on her stash while Doreen, Dianne, Shirley and Joan laugh over a fibre story.img_3595

Doreen is spinning her Fibreshed GKW (god knows what) fibre on her electric wheel. img_3600

Wow! The knots are finally showing! img_3601

Happy Fibreshed/SCSAWG Blanket Project weavers!img_3602

Fibreshed at the Spinners & Weavers 2016 Fibre Plus Sale

Sunshine Coast Fibreshed set up an educational display at the Spinners & Weavers Fibre Plus Sale this past weekend, Nov 25 & 26 at the Sechelt Arts Centre. Creative minds of Caroline and Danielle setting the stage.


We asked, what is a Fibreshed? Examples of our Langdale to Lund producers, resources and vendors.


More information about what Fibreshed promotes.


The Dyers Garden was the start of our display showing Japanese Indigo grown on the Coast with shades of blue, solar dyeing of marigolds showing golds and solar dyed poke berries obtaining pinks to purples.


Local Sunshine Coast Fibre was featured in the Community Blanket Project.


Two local artisans, Heather and Penny happy to hang out together at the FS display.


The wreaths and garlands which encircled the room added to the Christmas spirit and set a festive background to the FS display.


Andrew carded up a storm and engaged folks with his enthusiasm.


It was a fantastic event on the Sunshine Coast…see SCSWG site for more photos.

One Straw Fall Faire

Sunday, Oct 3, was a lot of fun at the Roberts Creek Community Hall with Andrew, Dorothy, Verna, Merrily and Lynda playing at the FS display.


We entered a contest for best dressed vegetable so got creative with fibre. Here is our Fibreshed Ms. Potato head.


Can you believe we didn’t win first prize? We were so relieved. Lotsa crazy fun though.


We featured local fibre producers and the abundance of Sunshine Coast fibre for the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers blanket project.


A second table had local dyes with flowers, solar dye pots, including Deanna’s poke berries as well as fibre dyed with marigolds, Japanese Indigo and local mushrooms.


We sold three of the felted bird houses and a few balls of rovings in our Fibreshed marketplace.


On the clothes horse we displayed Grow Your Own Clothes with Doreen’s woven scarf a big attraction.


Lots of interest in Fibreshed and the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild. The Roberts Creek Honey folk offered us beeswax if we had a use for it. She thought we were doing such a great thing.


There was fresh from the ground veggies for sale, apples getting pressed into juice and nutritious food being served.


An enjoyable event charged with community spirit.
Lynda Daniells

Warping the Loom for the Blanket Project

Six pounds of local fibre, spun, plied, measured and weighed.


Measuring the guide thread. We are doing 6 yards long and half as wide with 2 crosses. So it will be folded in half, either mirrored or side by side, and will end up the full width of 60″ and 3 yards long. We are working in Penny’s great studio, full of yarn, equipment and light.


Over, under, down, around and back up, the wonderful workhorse Leclerc warping mill.


All done, absolutely beautiful, all the natural colours and textures.


Just a few tie on knots! And a close up of the crosses, top and bottom.


Starting to chain it off.


The end result, a chained warp, ready for the loom.


Penny and Doreen warping the loom at the yurts.  A very exciting day!




Doreen MacLauchlan