Deanna Pilling

As a weaver, fibre artist and the owner of La Belle Cottage Fibre Arts Studio I design and weave a signature line of handwoven throws of the Sunshine Coast, showcasing a few of our Guild’s fibre artists and their beautiful hand spun and naturally dyed yarns.  The Forest Plaid throws feature wild crafted mushroom dyed hand spun yarns, while others feature hand spun yarns from alpacas, llamas and sheep, all sourced here within the Sunshine Coast Fibreshed.


My earliest memories of a deep relationship with fibre arts come from my paternal Irish grandmother Margaret Isabelle Patterson, affectionately known as Belle.  “Granny” taught me to knit, sew and hook rugs and my sister Patricia and Roxy to sew and crochet.  For many years I had to place dreams of creating my own weaving/fibre arts studio on a shelf for employment and creating a home for my family in Richmond, B.C. with husband Hudson, son Cal and daughter Mia, and had only scattered moments for spinning, weaving, sewing and knitting.

Many years and adventures later, and now as a widow having retired to the beautiful paradise of Sandy Hook in Sechelt, BC, my dreams have survived their shelf life.  Having built a beautiful new cottage I now have a lovely separate weaving studio where I can finally step forward and take a rightful place in my tribe of fibre artists along with the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild and our Fibreshed project.

Now as a grandmother myself I think of my “Granny” each time I use my hands to create something beautiful and this is why I call my home and weaving studio La Belle Cottage.

Studio Visits by Appointment  (there is an _ between my first and last name)
Phone: (604) 885-4365