Fibre Producers

This is a Directory of the Certified Fibre Producers who are part of our Sunshine Coast Fibreshed.
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Fibre Producers
Fran Cudworth – Baby Doll, Southdown, Romney
Ann Fransblow – Baby Doll, Suffolk, Llama.  Fibre, fleece
Wendy Gilbertson – Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Rambouillet, Romney
Wendy Holtz – resource for those wanting to learn more about raising, shearing, and processing fibre-producing animals, particularly alpacas
Raquel Kolof – Baby Doll, Llama. Also pork, lamb, turkey and eggs
Valerie McKeen – Shetland, Scottish Black Face, Clun Forest cross sheep, angora rabbit
Thomas Murray & Brenda Thomas – Dorset, Llama. Fleece
Kirk Pleasant – Icelandic. Fleece, knit goods
Samantha Sherman – Angora rabbits
Lori Wotherspoon – Alpaca, Llama. Fleece, flowers for use as dyes – Rudbekia & Zinnia