Marie-Claire DeClerck


In becoming a weaver I discovered that I am primarily an intuitive thinker.  In this perspective colors are what appeal to me the most and are a major component of inspiration, planning, designing and critique of my own work.  Of course structure is the other important factor in weaving, so the two are inter-twined.

In the planning phase of a project I weave in my head and I see colors and structure.  The choice of structure is often determined by what I plan to weave and the texture I like to obtain.  My planning paperwork is minimal and only readable to me!  I also improvise as I go.

Spinning and weaving for Fibershed drew me towards the beauty of natural colors.  So for the time being my Fibershed productions will showcase the subtle beauty of natural colors.  This said, I love to dye because the colours of hand painted warps and wefts free me from the rigidity of weaving structures.


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