Sunshine Coast Fibreshed promotes: rebuilding healthy soil, providing right livelihoods, regenerative fibre systems, soil to skin, healing our waters, grow your own clothes & household items, many uses of fleece, quality artisanship, slow fashion and local first in fibre, and dyes (made from local plants and mushrooms). Local artisans, fibre producers, and vendors are promoted through the Fibreshed certification program.



  • Artisans
    • design
    • grow your own clothes
    • slow fashion
    • dyes – flowers, likens, mushrooms, nuts, plants, vegetables
  • Fibre Producers
    • fibre – plants, cotton, linen
    • fleece – alpaca, buffalo, goats, llama, sheep, yak
    • hair – dog, rabbit
  • Vendors
    • wool
    • supplies to process fleece into wool
    • knitting supplies
  • Wool Mill
    • a variety of services
  • Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild
    • resources for learning to:
      • wash, pick, & card fleece
      • felt
      • knit
      • spin
      • weave
    • knitting circle
    • spin-ins
    • weaving circle