Wendy Gilbertson

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I’m fond of animals, plants and people and enjoy knitting for my family.  I have a small flock of sheep raised for their fleece.  Shearing is in April and what is not going to be personally used for the year is available.  Fleeces produced come from the following breeds:

Shetlands – a small, hardy primitive breed from the Shetland Isles that is renowned for their very fine wool.  Two white and one moorit (brown) Shetlands are part of the flock.

BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) is a large, Roman nosed long wool breed with curly threadlike wool from the UK.  The BFL fleece was used for doll hair before synthetics.  One coloured BFL (silvery grey) wether is part of the flock.

Rambouillet (French Merino) is a large sheep developed by King Louis XVI when he purchased Spanish Merinos from King Charles III of Spain.  The Rambouillet is the largest of the fine wool sheep.  One white ewe is part of the flock.

Romney is a British long wool heavy fleece breed that is popular in New Zealand (58% of New Zealand’s stock is Romney or Romney crosses).  One coloured (black) wether is part of the flock.